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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Shadow Shot #50

Well its a house of Blue and Gold at our place today. My husband is a mad Parramatta Eels supporter (as is his whole family) and they are playing in the Rugby Grand Final today so I thought it fitting that I shared a pic of my hubby all dressed up in his blue and gold many years ago. and here is the next generation...
I even had to make some Blue and Gold CupcakesDont forget to check out all the other Sunday shadow shots over at Hey Harriets

Go Parra!!!

Bel x


  1. nice to see generational photos!

  2. Great shot of a great looking family!



  3. He he... this is cool shots. A vintage and a present shot? What can a Brissy bloke ask for more with all the cutie cupcakes, huh? Lucky one!

    Cheers for a calm week to come

  4. Blue and gold cupcakes,
    waiting for some hungry hands
    to snatch and eat them.

    My Shadow Shot

  5. Bel, your little boys are so gorgeous!! I was a Parra supporter when I was little too ... pity about the game! ( i guess the cup cakes would've been good for the after-game comiserations!)

  6. those pictures are SOOOOOoooo cute
    the one of Brad little too :D


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