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Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday Shadow Shot #52

Well in the excitement of getting yesterdays post done I completely forgot about doing the SSS for this week, so here it is....

A Pic of Sax riding his bike in the park (a newly acquired skill that apparently only 'big boys' can do ;) I love how it looks like there is a little star in the shadow from the wheel
Have a happy week and don't forget to pop on over to Hey Harriets and check out all the other amazing shadow shots this week

Bel x


  1. Well, Sax really is a star in his own right, doing what only the "big boys" can do!

  2. And what a cutie Sax is! Definitely deserving of the star!! Terrific shadow shot!

    Have a great week!


  3. Love that star! Go the big boys!!! We have just come back from riding bikes around the Dubbo zoo - so much fun xx

  4. O Little Boy Blue,
    astride your bike, aren’t you glad
    it isn’t a trike?

    My Shadow Shot


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