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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The week that was...

Well its been one of those full on weeks at our place... Sunday was Xavier and Elijah's Christening and it was a really lovely service and great day shared with our friends and family :) (I dont have any pics of Elijah but will get Em to post some soon ;)The week was spent hanging out with my brother and doing some op shopping. I picked up and old metal Janome sewing machine for only $30 (so now I just have to brush up on my sewing skills) as well as some other cool finds, including an old tea towel my brother brought for me which I am going to frame and hang in our house. I was also lucky enough to spend some crafty time with my super talented Bro and get a headstart on making some stock for the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market coming up on December 5th.

Talking of framing I had the surprise of my life this week when I received an email from the lovely Alicea from Bespoke Press to say that I was the winner of their amazing giveaway of 10 limited edition Prints. I never win ANYTHING, so to not only win but to receive this amazing prize as you can imagine I was pretty excited!!! You can view the entire range via their website or shop

Em and I also got the chance to catch up a couple of times this week which was really nice as we really haven't had the chance to hang out as much as we use to lately. Our little ones were happy just hanging around
While their older brothers did some Caterpillar making with my brother Brett
Today I went and hung out with the super cool Brown Owls girls and got the chance to make some really cute little paper dolls and the amazing Sam from Jettas nest brought along an order for Em and I for some onesies and T-shirts for our boys. If you are looking for a one off gift for a little boy you know make sure you go and visit Sam's shop to see her unbelievable work!
All in all even though I am really exhausted this week it was so nice to just spend some time with friends and family enjoying each others company and some good food...
Take care, Bel x


  1. Thanks Bel :)

    I must say, after snuggling your little Xavier on Sunday, I'm definately thinking another may be in order...even a boy!!


  2. Wow Bel! What a week! and what gorgeous boys in those photos!
    Ali x

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog, brings back lots of memories of when my twin girls (now almost four - where did that go?) were smaller... shall be following now :)


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