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Friday, October 9, 2009

To be 12 years old again...

Our beautiful niece Tanisha turned 12 this week! 12 years has passed and its hard to believe where all those years have gone. She is still so innocent yet so grown up at the same time. I cant imagine my boys being 12...I love making the kids birthday cakes every year, this year we kept it simple and I made her some chocolate and vanilla (made pink) marble cupcakes
And this is how it all looked completed. Simple yet so girly and she loved it as I did to ;)
Of course Sax was right there to sing Happy Birthday and help blow out the candles
Happy Birthday beautiful girl ♥
Make sure you give your loved ones a big squeeze this week
Take care, Bel x
p.s My bro has arrived for a 10day visit so hopefully I will have some crafting to show you next week :)

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  1. Those cakes look so good. Lucky there is such a good candle blower around to help out at birthday times.


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