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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Racecourse Rd Street Party Wrap Up!

Well sorry it’s taken me so long to report back on our success at the Racecourse Road Street Party from a few weeks ago, but I have been really enjoying some down time (although I have to say getting back into a few hectic weeks of crafting prior to the market really made me remember how much I do love it and I am going to try and fit a little bit more crafting into everyday life, or that’s the plan anyway)

Anyway enough rambling, EmBelISH had a fantastic day in not only sales but a lot of our new products were also pretty well received and I was really pleased with our stall layout as well.

It was a super hot, bust day and the crowds were a plenty. Luckily there was a yummy lemonade man just a few stalls down from us that kept us going in the heat.

I also got to do a little bit of shopping (I am saving my pennies for the December 5th BrisStyle Indie Designers Market) I just couldn’t help myself. I got a couple of beautiful little wooden brooches from Up In Annies Room and also picked up an order from Sam at Jetta’s nest of a new Robot Tee for Sax and then just to fuel Sax’s obsession with Robots I grabbed him a little Cuddlebot too (which I must add even had to go to kindy for sleep time last week) I finally grabbed a little Button head brooch for me ;)
Lola Button Head Brooch

And there was some great entertainment throughout the day to keep us occupied as well.
The BrisStyle Co-op stall was a great success also and it was so lovely to see so many talented BrisStylettes coming together to showcase their wares and it was also super nice to meet a lot of these lovely ladies in person as well. It was also great to see all the BrisStyle Stalls all lined up with our Green and Purple balloons linking us together!

I also have to say it was so fantastic to share a site for the day with the amazing Ali of Jellygnite and Little Jellygnite fame, she was such a great partner and helped to make the day go that little bit faster, and also to my amazing sister in-law Kym who was our chief helper and baby sitter extraordinaire and last but not least to our little helper, Xavier who not only helped draw in the crowds was a also a super good boy even though it was such a hot sweaty day J

Counting down now until Dec 5th!!!!

Take care, Bel x

p.s I will be back soon with a recipe for Nan’s cream puffs YUM!


  1. Hi Bel, the shots are fab so glad it was a huge success - wish I lived in Bne all these fab fetes and amrkets I am missing out on!

  2. Awww, taking a toy to kindy for sleep time is serious business! Thanks for the great feedback Sax!!



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