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Saturday, June 20, 2009

What's behind your bathroom door?

All I can say is "Oh My Goodness"

hehe, last night my little family of 3 (soon to be 4) went over to Bel's bigger family of 4's home for a bbq, a catch up and a few more newbie cuddles.

I decided to sneak in to the ensuite for a quick freshen up, and to my suprise..... look what I found behind the bathroom door!!!

Bel you are such a goddess! And Brad, what a husband!
take care everyone, hope you have a good weekend


  1. hmmm... I'm sure that's not something you would see behind many bathroom doors. It's very impressive!

    Also, you gals have won an award over at my blog for all your loveliness.

  2. Wow!!! isn't her hubby a dream hubby? Ohhh... your friend is so blessed with a husband like him. Understanding-

    Have a wonderful evening.

  3. That is a magic idea. To be so organised - I can only dream!

  4. Wow this is organisation!Hope you are keeping well;)

  5. hee hee, Of course it belongs to super-organised Bel! I am so envious, it looks great!

  6. My bathroom door is sulking - I'm afraid I have neglected it badly. What else could you expect from Super Mum?

    Best of luck for your big day, Em. Your little family is certainly growing - how exciting.

  7. Hi All

    Thanks so much for your comments, I am sure my hubby is glad the pregnacy is finally over and I can stop dreaming up new things for him to create. Especially in thse last few weeks I just HAD to get everything organised ;)

    Bel x


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