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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome to the world "Xavier Charles"

Yesterday I saw Bel for the first time in about 2wks, that is a long time for us! the boys had a nice play and I decided that it was important that we had a photo taken with our "bumps" as we hadn't gotten around to taking any! whoops :-)

Well, guess what happened today?! Little Xavier Charles decided it was time to come - Yippee
I will let Bel fill you in on all the details when she is back online, but I thought I would share this little picture of one of God's greatest creations.

Xavier Charles - 7pd7oz 51cm

After I knew Bel was on the way to the hospital this morning, my little bubba decided to start wriggling around, I was sure that Bean wanted to "race". Not long now before another little miracle joins us, wonder if it will be a pinky or a bluie ;-)



  1. Congratulations to Bel - such exciting news and a precious little boy! Em, no doubt you won't be too far behind. Hope it all goes well. Christine xo

  2. Congrats to Bel, Good luck to you !

  3. yay for big bellies! and yay for little babies :D
    Congrats Bel, and best wishes Em

  4. Well done Bel! such a little lovely :) Can't wait to meet him, I didn't even cast on until after I got your news yesterday, but now I'm knitting like crazy! He's going to need it to keep him warm in this weather :) Congratulations!!! (and we can't wait to get your news too Em :)

  5. Well done Bel! So exciting! Look forward to hearing your good news soon Em xx

  6. Welcome to the world, little Xavier, and congratulations to mum and dad. Boys seem to be the flavour of the month Em, so maybe you had better get out that blue wool and get cracking on those booties!

  7. Congratulations to Bel!! Xavier Charles is so wonderful!!! He's so nice!!! Looking forward to seeing Bean!

  8. Welcome little Xavier :) You look so lovely and relaxed, Bel and I hope it's going all really well :)

    For you Em, I'm thinking PINK!



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