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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #39

Hello Everyone,

We have a long weekend here is Queensland, so my husband has been working on our fence. We have had absolutely gorgeous sunny winters days. This picture is on my husband's flash new camera I bought him for his birthday.

Hope you have a lovely week!



  1. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend. Yay for the Queen. I don't think it is even her birthday tomorrow but who cares when it is, as long as we score a day off! I'll bake her a cake tomorrow. And eat it for her :)

  2. What a fun picture...lot's of important things being talked about here!! Sweet picture with shadows!

  3. Hope your long weekend is wonderful, won't it be nice when the fence is finished, time for a break...sweet shot!

  4. What a fun, great shot! Enjoy your long weekend!

  5. nice shadow and you have a lovely kid there..your son?


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