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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Newborn Baby Cuddles - just the best thing

Lucas and I got to meet little Xavier today and have newbie cuddles with him. I am just so smitten with this perfectly tiny, quiet (so far) little man.

What a fabulous creation you guys have made Bel & Brad! - you sure do make cute kids, just look at Xavier's bigger brother Sax ;-)

I got a special cocoon and hat knitted by one of my friends Celia for Xavier and we had to try them on and have a mini photo shoot, he looked so warm and snuggly!

The Big boys did really well today, until it got to the end of our visit when they were both getting a bit tired, it was like watching two male dogs mark their territory over and over again on the same tree! One would stroke Xaviers finger, the other would have to copy and so on! It was cute. Isn't it amazing how little minds work.

All the best to Bel, Brad & Sax and may little Xavier bring more love and laughter into your beautifully warm home.

All my love
Em xx


  1. Oooooo .... he just ADORABLE!!! And don't the boys love him. Tony and I leave in an hour or so for our turn to cuddle our little premmie, who is coming along nicely, thank goodness.

    Book me in for some cuddles at the BrisStyle market!

  2. Ahhhh! what a sweetie :) and Bel, you look so lovely!
    Em - are you getting excited now?! Not long to go! So nice that you guys timed it so closely ;)
    Rest up, both of you

  3. Congratulations Bel. He's super gorgeous! Hard to believe you gave birth only days ago, you look great!

    And Em, can't wait to see your little bundle of joy. Best wishes with the birth.

    Amanda xo

  4. Awww...what a little cutie!

    Congrats Bel, and as Ali and Amanda said, your look amazing!

    Looking forward to seeing your little bundle of joy soon Em!

    Tracy xo

  5. It touches my heart everytime I see a cutie. Hmmm... craving to have one. But am too old for one, though.

    Thanks for sharing this adorable baby.

    Cheers & Congrats...

  6. Just gorgeous!What a cute photo in his knitted little nest!;) Congratulations again and hope you get some rest Bel;)
    All the best for yours to come Em;)

  7. How gorgeous, I can smell the baby poder from here.


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