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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Settling In...

Well its been just over two weeks since we brought our new baby boy home and so far, so good everything is going really well. He is SUCH a different baby to Saxon and is fitting into our now family of 4 very well.

I have been very lucky and recieved some beautiful flowers and some lovely gifts since the birth of Xavier and would also like to say a BIG Thank you! for everybody's well wishes and kind thoughts...

We were lucky enough to recieve some beautiful prints from Amanda from TwinkleStarArt (my pics dont really do them justice) but please go and check out Amanda's fantastic shop. We also got some lovely bibs to use 'for good' and a little Loxie pattern from the very talented Ali from Jellygnite as well as lots of other lovely gifts (this little man definitley has enough clothes to change outfits a couple of times a day ;)

Sax is getting on really well with his baby brother :) (Yep I gave in and Xav has a dummy, sometimes :(
We got the pics taken at the hospital in the mail this week and its amazing how much like Saxon, Xavier looks, it will be interesting to see how he changes in the next few months or if he continues to look like Sax?

We also go to meet Em's beautiful new baby boy this week, Elijah John (sorry no new pics, I forgot to take my camera) He is just lovely and it will be really nice to watch our second lot of boys grow up together alongside the 'big boys' ;)

Have a happy weekend and take care

Bel x

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  1. Congratulations again Bel. Xavier is gorgeous! I love the first two pics with Xavier deeply contemplating something of great importance. Hmmmm... so many possibilities for this little chap's future. I guess never too early to start planning Xavier, you go boy!

  2. He's so yummy Bel!! Look at those glorious little feet :) Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing.
    (Amanda's prints a just lovely too!)

  3. Huge congratulations Bel. He is just devine. I love the photo of the boys together.


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