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Thursday, June 4, 2009

ABC of Cake Decorating

Guess what Bel & I have been doing for the past couple of months on a Wednesday night at TAFE??
The ABC of Cake Decorating course.
We have had a great time and learned how to cover with White Icing and how to pipe and make borders and flowers with Royal Icing!!
Watch this space for Christening cakes when the bubs get a bit older! ;-)
Here are the pictures of the cakes of the "Graduating Class"

hope you are all having a good week~!


  1. This is awesome! Great job, lady! Hope many of your friends order great cakes from U...

    Hope you had a good one too...


  2. Cake decorating? At this stage of your pregnancies? Sounds like a bit of nesting going on here. Fingers crossed for you both - at least you will have the most gorgeous christening cakes!

  3. Oh wow these look awesome!!! Please tell me that after this photo was taken everyone picked up their cakes and threw them at each other. Please! No?...*sigh*

  4. Brillant! I love it! Can I put in my order for my wedding cake in oh, say 2050??? Tick tock tick tock

    Hey btw, I have no idea why you guys are not on my blog roll. Adding you again NOW!


  5. Oops I am a silly billy, yes you guys are ON there!!


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