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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hoo Hooo is going to be at the BiDM on Saturday?

Hi everyone,

just thought I would share a quick sneak peek of some of my friends that will be joining me at BiDM on Saturday

Ooly Owls

Peg Angels

And gift tins, these are great if you are giving someone money or a gift card, pop it in through the bottom and seal and then when they receive the gift they open the tin with the ring pull :-)

hope to see everyone at the market on Saturday, OMG only 2 more non-sleeps!!

Em x


  1. Wow, you girls have been busy. I love the idea of the tins. i am trying to work out how much spending money to give the girls for the day and every time I see what everyone is coming up I know there is so much they are going to love.

  2. I love your owls! They are too cute! Good luck with that market :-)


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