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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Nesting Phase is setting in....

Well after feeling like we were living in a Chinese laundry all weekend, I think the nesting phase of my pregnancy is starting to set in :)

With Sax I had the nursery done and organised by the time I was about 6 months pregnant but with poor baby number 2 (especially after finding out it was another boy) I have been so relaxed about the whole thing that I had done NOTHING until about a week ago, then over the last weekend things got kicked into overdrive. The bassinet is made ready and waiting, just in case we have an early arrival (you never know Em).
I think I did about 10 loads of washing and now hanging in little man number 2's wardrobe are 80 outfits in size's 000 & 00 (can you believe it, this child needs absolutely nothing!!!) the toy box is stocked with baby toys, rattles and the like and I have even started getting my hospital bag semi organised. I have warned my mum to tell anyone that listens NOT to buy any clothes or toys as we just don't have any more room (surely how much can one baby use, I think it would be safe to say lucky if Sax had wore each outfit twice before he got too big) and don't get me started on the 40 odd pairs of newborn socks waiting in the drawer (not sure what I was thinking there, maybe that our washing machine was going to break down in the middle of summer, heaven forbid!)

Today was very exciting I took a quick trip into the city and visited Funky Fabrix and brought this great Car Beetle fabric to make a cot quilt out of. I just haven't been able to find anything I like in the shops. I am thinking of matching it with a nice blue cotton on the back and maybe some cushions out of denim with the car fabric as a detail as well??
I also got some other bits and pieces, some lovely Japanese girl fabric which I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with, but every time I see it I just love it.I also got a few fat quarters from the stitches and craft show a few weeks ago and my new button cover order has arrived so hopefully once bubs room is sorted and I finish Sax's curtains (that's a whole other story) I will have some time to make some cute little pony tail holders.On other news's Sax started daycare yesterday and I have to say I think he did better than me, we had the tears and he hung on like a koala but the biggest shock of all was he even had a day time sleep there (something we fight at home just about every day!!!) and then when I went to pick him up in the afternoon he didn't even want to come home and has been asking all day today when he can go back to 'school'. So cute ;) I have to say after two years of having him with me 24/7 it was SO great to be able to visit the shops and just worry about what I wanted to do.

I have also been meaning to share this pic of what the Easter Bunny brought Sax this year (we decided he would get enough crap from the rest of the family). It is a fantastic Jetta's Nest Robot T-shirt and he absolutely LOVES it!!! Thanks sam xxx

Ok, better go do a quick tidy before DH is home and the little man is awake

Take care, Bel x


  1. Bel, you are making me feel quite clucky, in a grandmotherly sort of way. The bassinet is ADORABLE (cluck cluck) and I love the fabric you have chosen for the cot quilt - not to mention all that other fabric. Sax looks very pleased with himself in his great robot t-shirt.

    Just as well we're hopping on a plane tomorrow morning to spend time with two of our grandchildren, plus a very pregnant daughter and her husband. Don't you feel sorry for them already?

  2. Bel, you sound like a very busy bee here.Very nice fabrics and so cute bassinet as Robyn daid.
    The day care story reminded me so much of when I left my girls years ago...
    S x

  3. Bel, I can imagine your nursery will look wonderful with that gorgeous bassinet and fabric. I remember that feeling, that crazy, busy, craziness which happens just before the get-this-kid-out hormones kick in.

    So glad to hear Sax enjoyed his first day of daycare. I continue to suffer the emotional roller coaster rides on the first days of school. Enjoy your precious child-free moments while you can :)

    Cheers, Amanda xo

  4. How cute is he??! Gorgeous.
    Your new little bubba's bassinet looks so sweet - sounds like he's a lucky little one already!
    (It really doesn't surprise me that you had Sax's room ready at 6 months into your pregnancy!!)
    Enjoy your Sax-free moments and the last few weeks of being 3.

  5. How exciting for you...tho expect you're quite 'over it' with the pregnancy at this stage...Sax is the most beautiful little boy!
    ps That fabric with the Asian girls on it is gorgeous...think you'll have to make yourself something with that!

  6. Great work Bel as you seem very relaxed and very organised!! I love the beetle fabric for cot quilt, just so cute. I love funky Fabrix. :-) Tina

  7. Another boy, how wonderful. fabric is cool, he'll love it all.


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