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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Girls know how to roost!

We have been having pretty extreme weather over the past few days, and the poor chicken's run was in a river! and when Lucas and I went to save them their little feet were in water. We put them back in their original cage from when they were little fluffies just weeks ago in our garage, but wow have they grown!

Today the clouds have passed a little, although they are predicting more rain, we have moved the run to higher ground and placed in a plastic crate upside down for them to roost on, but guess what?! lo and behold I went to check how they were doing before and the girls have learnt how to get up on their "big girl" roost :D

They were all snuggled up and chipping away, I dont know why I was worried about them. Still a few weeks before we can definately confirm they are all girls tho! fingers crossed they are.

Hope you are all well



  1. Glad to see you are safe, and so little chickies!!

  2. Ooo ... poor little babies. Let's hope you don't have a bunch of roosters on your hands!

  3. How cute that they are on their 'big girls' roost! hee hee (fingers crossed too)


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