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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #26

Hi everyone,

Well its that time of the week again, Shadow Shot Sunday! Yayyyyy

My Shot this week is of what we call a "leaf hopper" he was quite happily sitting in the sun on our front verandah. I love these bugs because truly they look like leaves! You have to be careful because they have a bit of a bite on them! See other shadow shots here

Bel & I are off to our very first Brown Owls meetup today too which is pretty exciting too, can't wait to meet all the other like minded crafty owls in the Brisbane area!

Have a great weekend everyone, and enjoy your week.

Look out next week for a giveaway on our blog, we have almost reached our 100th post, how exciting!



  1. Hi Em and Bel, thanks for the fantastic cupcakes this morning and for being such diligent prefects. I'm still dreaming of the banoffi pie-inspired one. I had 2. Bit greedy like that.

  2. That's fabulous! What a great capture.

  3. What an incredible shot! I love it! thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely shot - you must have been up early in the morning to catch this one. I'd love to hear how the Brown Owls meeting went.

  5. Ha! A leaf hopper? Sounds more exotic than a grasshopper ;)

    Be sure to post about the Brown Owls meet-up. I'd be interested to hear about it. Hope you had fun!

    Oh Em, I need your postal address. Can you email it to me? Don't worry, it's not for stalking purposes. My email link is on my blog. Ta! :)

  6. Goodness - he "leaves" a big shadow doesn't he? Great shot!

  7. I like how his shadow is so large and "built" looking. It must be a male. Its gotta be a male all impressed with his puffed up shadow!

  8. What a great pic! Hope you enjoyed yesterday too :)

  9. That shadow makes that bug look a lot more menacing than he probably is...


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