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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Saxon turns 2!

Well it was a very busy weekend for us as our little man turned 2 on Monday and we had a party at home on Sunday afternoon :)

He got lots of cool pressies (Dinosaurs and Robots are a favourite at the moment)

as well as this very cool hat from Aunty Kate (Anouk & Oscars mum)

I was a bit worried there was going to be trouble as the weather had been so hot I was having trouble icing the cake the night before but it all turned out great, and the green 'spots' were a favourite among all the kids

I think Sax's favorite part was singing Happy Birthday (he had been practicing all week) and when everyone gathered around but hadn't started singing yet he was more than happy to start them off :)

Also on a sadder note, please think about all the families suffering from the bush fires in Victoria at the moment. If you have something handmade you would like to donate please go to the Meet me at Mikes Blog or the bug and pop blog for more information on how you can donate goods. You can also donate much need money through the Red Cross Website
Also I know I was super slack this week and didn't do an SSS even though it was my turn (sorry Em) but don't forget to go and check out all the other pics at Hey Harriet's and promise I will contribute next week :)
Cheers, Bel x


  1. Happy birthday Saxon - no wonder you look so happy with that incredible cake to munch your way through!

    Our celebrations start on Saturday with our granddaughter's christening, our Sydney grandson's second birthday on Sunday, our Brisbane grandson's 6th birthday on Monday, and my (blank) birthday on Wednesday. Whew! I don't suppose you'd like to make a dinosaur cake ... nah ... didn't think so.

  2. Happy Birthday little Sax - looks like you all had a fabulous day. And that cake is awesome Bel!!!!!

  3. Speaking of super slack, I somehow missed sending happy birthday wishes to your little Sax! Happy belated birthday cute little man! :)


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