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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #24

Happy Sunday everyone!!
This weeks shadow shot is another one that I took when we were in Tasmania,
Lucas got a new pair of gumboots and thought it was quite cool running around in them...
I love this photo, he was really skipping about.

Have a great week everyone, try not to melt if you are in the more southern states of Australia, and pls be careful those of you up north near the cyclones

xx Em


  1. He sure looks like he is having a wonderful time!

  2. Gumboot Boy is sure having the time of his life, isn't he? Doesn't he look so happy - although in truth he was probably trying to keep warm in the famous Tasmanian summer!

  3. Indeed....it is a joy to watch a child at play!

  4. What a joyful shot! I've been watching the weather and am always amazed that you guys are burning while we are freezing! Stay cool, I'll throw you a snowball!!!

  5. That's very sweet. I can just see the joy in this photo.

  6. He's cute and I can imagine the noises and chatter he may have been making!!(like my kids do!)

  7. This photo really communicates the feeling of that day and how he must feel. Great slice of life phot.

  8. Lucas seems enjoying the wonderful time in Tasminia. With the hot of the sun, green grass. What can he ask for more? I wish I can do the same.

    Yes, take care everybody. Keep yourselves cool. Don't forget bottles of water.

    Have a happy late Sunday & great week ahead!

  9. what a gorgeous little shadow friend he has ... my kids love their gumboots too. I guess it gives them a sense of freedom because they can go anywhere!

  10. What an adorable picture..He looks like he is having a great time..
    Happy SSS..

    Hey, I complain about the snow..I better be quiet..at least we don't have cyclones..

  11. There's nothing better than watching a child skip around joyfully! Sweet shadow shot!

  12. He looks like he is having a great time skipping in his boots. It is a really good picture.


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