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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday #19

Hi everyone,

well it is beginning to look a lot like christmas at our place, I bought this new "minimalist" tree this year as we are having a big party for Lucas' birthday in 2 weeks and our other tree is 9feet tall and the diameter of the bottom of it is huge too and takes up a tad too much room...

So my SSS is this pic this weekend. Head here to see more Shadows x.
Hope you all have a great week.
Don't forget if you are in the area check out the BrisStyle Markets at Hamilton next Saturday!!

xx Em


  1. I guess your minimalist tree is a shadow of big brother! Yet it still has sweet beauty in miniature! Love the smile from the little one!

  2. oh we have been trying to get one of those! where did you get it from? Is it fibre optic, your son is gorgeous!

  3. What a cute tree and the baby is gorgeous..Wonderful picture..

  4. Now that's my kinda tree, but I couldn't get used to Christmas in the summer...never mind that...YES I COULD!

    I fed your frog...too funny...

  5. lucas appears to like the tree a lot!!

    Happy Upcoming Birthday

  6. I love your tree, and it certainly leaves plenty of room for Party Boy to entertain his friends!

  7. aww! your little one is adorable. Happy Birthday lucas!

  8. What an adorable little tree for an adorable little man.

    Happy Birthday, Lucas!

  9. I can see the right through shadow of a nice looking lil man overthere.

    Sweet smile...


  10. I like your minimalist tree :) A few ornaments will fill it up I'm sure.. or are you keeping that to a minimum too?


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