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Monday, December 15, 2008

More Christmas Decorations received... and Back-Tack 4 sent to Celia

Hi everyone,

Well we had an AWESOME market on Saturday, I really am still in slight disbelief at how well our wares were taken, and the fact that we have now pretty much NO stock left!! (eek). So if you came along to the market, thanks so much. And to all the other Brisstylettes, Thanks for organising and being such a great bunch!
Thanks for the well wishes from afar too :-)

So last week, I had no internet due to being literally in the clouds, so I havent had a chance to share this with you:

She came for the cake and pie ornament swap, from our friend Kate..

These ones arrived today in the mail from Donna and Emily - Thanks Ladies !! my tree is really starting to fill up and look great.

I also sent my Back-Tack4 swap off last week to my new friend Celia, here is what I sent:

A knitting needle case, with 2 pairs of needles, one for Celia's son Alex when he begins to knit (he is nearly 2) and 4 handmade stitch markers with gorgeous charms I bought from the US.

I also made Alex a construction apron, and a set of wooden cooking utensils & sent a book about trucks (he is getting a kitchen for christmas - shhh)

Then I sent a jar of homemade gingerbread men and a reindeer container full of good old cadbury chockies... yum, ooh and some hand-painted serviette rings I made.
Celia was delighted with her parcel and I am so glad

ok well I must go and organise dinner.
have a good week


  1. Congratulations for the market! And the ornaments you have received are wonderful! You're very lucky!!

  2. The market was so much fun! Thanks for all your neighbourly stall holder support. It really takes the pressure off when you're among friends :) The ornaments are lovely.

  3. Can't wait for the next market.

    I love your little ornaments - have a very happy Christmas and look forward to catching up in the New Year.

  4. Just love that little owl ornament. soooo cute. Merry Christmas.


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