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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back Tack 4 - Parcel recieved

I decided this year to join in back-tack 4... wow what a great experience.

I have made a great friend in my swap partner Celia who has a little boy Alex who is almost the same age as Lucas.

I received my swap gift from her today. The theme this year was Gold (something that sparkles), Frankincense (smell/taste) & Mhyr (gift)

I was sooo spoilt and squeeling with delight at the load of goodies I received, here are the pics

gorgeous hand knitted tree ornaments with gourmet lolly pops inside

Handmade jam drops, apricot jam, cherry jam & a yummy smelling chocolate candle

A stunning hand woven scarf and flower pin,vintage cotton tin, pincushion,calendar,diary,photo albumn & cutie little construction shorts for Lucas

I will blog what I posted Celia in the coming days once I know she has received them. Thanks again so much Celia xx

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