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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Four Favourite ETSY Finds

Hi Everyone,

well this morning we woke to a nice big python on top of Lift our budgie's cage (the pic doesnt do it justice it really was a lot bigger than it looks)

So my inspiration for today's Four Fave ETSY Finds is 'SNAKES'

Ssnake Sscarf, multi-bright by LetItRain, Snakeskin Silver Lined Cuff Bracelet
by UNEARTHED, Penwood the Vintage Necktie Snake by wlcook,
Saskia the Snake Charmer - Knitted Burlesque Doll by sayraphim



  1. Is that snake for real? Wouldn't it totally freak out the budgie? Yikes! I don't really know much about snakes but it kind of looks like a carpet snake/python. I hear that they are not harmful at least but I certainly wouldn't want one crawling around my house. You're a brave soul to get close enough to take a photo! Hey I noticed the pic has nice shadows. Yeah I'm a little obsessed :D

  2. Did you scream? I would've run a mile - certainly not to the camera :-)

  3. Oh wow! I don't miss the creepy crawlies back in Oz at all...hey I just booked my ticket to come home for a month in Jan/Feb...any action in Bris again for you guys?

  4. Em, That's a big snake!!! ... how's your budgie? (i know what I'd be doing if there was a huge snake on the top of my cage...!)


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