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Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Ornament Swap - by freshlyblended


Confession time. I have way too little time, and way too many things I have committed to this Christmas, Hmmmm what is new!
I received this little treasure from pupule in the mail today, my first ornament received from the swap I joined through freshly blended. He is SOOOOOoooo cute.

Just have to put up the tree now so he can take centre stage.

xx Em


  1. Hey I know that feeling...too much to do, too little time...


  2. I got your absolutely adorable little Christmas ornaments today! They are so cute, I just love them. They are exactly the kind of thing I love! Hope your holiday is wonderful!

  3. Very, very cute xx

    Hey isn't that what we do every year - eek - I usually end up having lots of sleepness nights just before the big day then somehow scrap through happy but exhausted xx

  4. You're really lucky!! It's really cute!!!

  5. Oh, that is so cute!!! I had so much fun hanging our handmade decorations on the tree this year, especially the knitted baubles I bought at a little craft fair last year. So lovely!!!

  6. Hey Em, weird! I got that ornament too! and I also thought that he was really cute... I'm still finishing mine, I'll be posting them on Monday (baby and toddler permitting!) so look out for it early next week, hope you like it!


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