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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Shadow Shot #42

Well what a weekend we had last weekend. We finally visited the famous Australia Zoo and had a fantastic time. A favorite for Sax was the Kangaroos (this one had a little joey in her pouch)... But he also had a really great time overall as did we all, he even got to try his first ice cream in a cone which he thoroughly enjoyed ;) I would highly recommend anyone who is in the area going for a look
We also went to a good friend's little girls birthday party. Anouk turned 3rd last Saturday, so hard to believe 3 years have passed since we visited that tiny little bundle,but it was so lovely to see her and Sax playing in the backyard with the neighbourhood kids.
I even got the chance to test out some of my cake decorating course skills by making some decorations for the Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake that Kate made.
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Have a happy week, Bel xx


  1. Best time at the zoo?
    Snuggling with the kangaroo!
    Mum and Dad, thank you!

    My Shadow Shots

  2. Love the shot with the kangaroo! How precious is that! Terrific shots! What a fun day!

  3. Are all kangaroos that friendly??
    I was quite surprised to see the lil guy snuggled up against it! SO SUPER DUPER COOL!
    Just one more reason to want to visit Australia!

  4. Hey Bel,
    weird talking to each other over our blog! :-) the decorations worked out great, i will have to pick your brain about them... too cute xEm

  5. Here's a pic of the finished cake!
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/discosmurf/3751982506/ The stars were such a big hit Bel, you did a great job!


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