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Friday, July 17, 2009

Guess what I have been making

Well yes, it is quite obvious that I made a baby lately (well about 10mths ago, with a bit of help from my husband ;-))

but I have been thinking about making these little guys for a while, my Mum made a similar version for my brother some 25years ago.

Kitty & Elijah

I present you the prototype of the Kitty Cuddles, best baby cuddle blankie around.

There will be more to join this little orange fella soon, will post pics and keep you updated on the expansion of the litter.

Take care and will see you back here Sunday for a SSS.



  1. Very cute! Love to see more of them :)
    You are an inspiration, finding the time to make things with a newborn.

  2. Hi Em, very cute little addition...the crafting aint bad either!!!

  3. Oh that really is the best cuddle blanket ever!


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