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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Well, we have missed a few weeks of Shadow Shot Sundays (my fault sorry)... so here is a gorgeous picture that my husband took of me pushing Lucas in the pram through the big fig(i think) trees at Port Arthur historic site.

We visited Port Arthur when we were in Tasmania recently, it is such an amazing historical site, but there are also such sad memories there for the 35 innocent people who were killed in the massacre in 1996. If you would like to read more about the history of this place visit here

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes for my pregnancy !! Blogging will hopefully become a bit more regular in the coming weeks. Thanks for bearing with us! and have an excellent week.



  1. What an artistic husband you have to capture such a gorgeous shot. Our daughter was at Port Arthur two weeks before the massacre, so as you can imagine, it always gives us the shudders.

    Hope you are keeping well and eating all your veggies!

  2. Beautiful tree shots and shadow. Hope you are having a great weekend ;p

  3. A contrast of many shadow shots I encountered today,

    Love the greeny & the shadows under reminds my days when I was living in the Philippines.

    I missed it! TY for sharing...

  4. What a facinating place & so full of history! The gardens look like they would be so fun to visit. We think it would be neat to join one of the archaeology programs - how very interesting!

  5. Nice picture of tree shadows. All we have is bare branches right now.

    Happy SSS!

  6. Congrats on the baby to be...I went to the site and was appalled by the innocents lost, so many injustices in this cruel world...but the beauty of Tasmania overshines. What a beautiful countryside with many wonderful memories.

    Have a wonderful week!


  7. Love all those leaf shadows! Very nice!

  8. Very beautiful trees and a great shadowy shot.

  9. So nice to see the beautiful trees with leaves..lovely shadows..
    Happy SSS.

  10. beautiful shot! perfect framing

  11. Gorgeous scenic photo. It must have been an erie feeling visiting a place of such tragedy.

  12. Fantastic shot and fantastic news about the new baby coming ... all the best ... I have a friend in tassie at the moment, you must have had a lovely time ... so much history too


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