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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Four Fave ETSY Finds

Hi there,

Well here is the first official Four Fave ETSY Finds for 2009.

This weeks theme I have chosen is Valentine's Day - I figuire at least I can look at all the cute things, my dear husband usually doesn't do Valentine's as our wedding anniversary is so close.

Valentine's girls digital/printable stickers by yaelfran, Piece of my heart pendant by thalassajewelry, Loving You Pop-Up Card by tracychong, Emoticon Man by yoborobo

enjoy the rest of your day/evening.


  1. Hi (from frozen Maryland/USA)!

    These are all such cute things...Emoticon Man is very happy to be in such wonderful company!

    Thank you - and I wish you could send me some Australian sunshine right now. :) Pam

  2. I love the Piece of my Heart pendant, but my favourite is Emoticon Man. Have a great day - aren't we lucky we're not in Melbourne playing tennis in the 40 plus heat??

  3. What a beautiful selection!!! We don't do Valentines Day either. Our 'first date' anniversary is the day before Valentines Day, and our Wedding anniversary is the day after Valentines Day.....at least we've no excuse for forgetting I guess :P

  4. Love them all! Especially the pop up card.


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