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Friday, January 23, 2009

It's a boy!

Hi All

Sorry for the slackness in also not posting for a while, it’s taken me a few weeks to ease into 2009 and catch up with how fast its going by already :)

So for those of you that don’t already know, I too am pregnant and due in June this year (us EmBelISH girls don’t do anything in halves ;) We found out yesterday that we are having another little boy and all is going well, which is great news. As hubby and I have decided that we only want two children I have to say I felt a little bit disappointed yesterday with the news of another boy, all these thoughts flashed through my head, no dancing lessons or making cute little costumes, no having someone to share girly stuff with (even though I have to say I am not overly girly anyway) and that my life is going to be mainly male dominated and there will be extra smelly footy socks and dirty rooms to clean up and I won’t be able to buy all those cute pink frilly things I have been secretly converting on ETSY for the last weeks.

Oh well, lucky for me my fellow BrisStylers make a wide range of super cute boy thing and that our current little man Saxon is going to have a constant companion and best mate to grow up with.

Anyway that’s enough about me; check out some of the very cool boy’s things I happen to come across in my new search of all things blue and boyish! Looks like my credit card might be getting a bit of a workout after all...

1. Holy Pow Boardshort Bloomers! By Bettsy Kingston (these are just too cute)
2. Cheeky Monster T-shirt by Jettasnest (these monsters are just adorable)
3. Neon Blue - Dottie Baby Booties by Pedrosprout (What little boy doesn’t need his own cool pair of booties)
4. Baggy Shorts, Carp Fish by Hot Fudge (I LOVE this fabric!!!!)

Plus in other news, we are currently changing Sax’s room around into a space/robot theme (I will post some pics soon, promise) I can’t believe he will be 2! in a couple of weeks. The Dinosaur (or Dinodoor as Sax says) invites have gone out and my mum arrives on the Friday before to give me a hand so now I just need to work out the cake pattern and stuff the goodie bags and we are all good.

We are also off to a friend of ours from Playgroups 2 years old birthday on the weekend so I better get off the computer and start sewing that fairy cape I promised...
Take care, Bel xx


  1. Yay another Bluie, I wonder if it will be 4 boys for EmBelISH in the end? it will be interesting to see, but we are going to wait :-P

  2. Oh my girls this is all so exciting. Those little boy items from BrisStyle are so cute. I hope you are both well and a huge congratulations!

  3. Well Em it makes up for poor Patrick feeling sooo left out in your family for years if you have a boy too haha.

  4. Congratulations.
    Those booties are so cute.
    One of my best friends found out she is having a boy and was a bit sad she would not get to buy cute outfits :)

  5. Congratulations! I've got two little boys and I can tell you just seeing them play together and the potential for so much future mischief and fun is just one of the best things ever!

    I'm so glad you love my monsters too :)


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