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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday #17

Hi Everyone,
Did you know that christmas is just over a month away? I know time flies.
today I decided to get my "little helper" Lucas to help me with my shot. We found a music box which has gorgeous little bears that skate around the ice when it is playing so he was fascinated by this... here is my favourite pic

and some of the sequence of him dancing to the music and then telling me that it had stopped.

Love is such a wonderful thing.....
We are off to hospital again tommorrow for another operation on his ears for more grommets, hopefully this time it might help him feel a bit more himself.

Have a great sunday everyone. Check out more shadow shots at Hey Harriet's blog here.



  1. love these christmassy shots Em - he's the cutest little elf!

  2. Lucas is adorable! And so are his shadows.

  3. Looks like someone is ready to meet Santa! I've been working on teaching my 2.5 year old the song Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. He can't say Rudolf. It sounds more like Rururururualf! Hope your holiday is festive and merry.

  4. What a little cutie...I hope his grommets make him feel better too!! Wonderful SSs!

  5. Good luck tomorrow Em - just think it will all be over soon and you can share this special time of year with your 'new little man' - so cute - luv the pics xxx Lee

  6. What an adorable little elf your cutie boy makes! Wishing Lucas all the best for the op tomorrow. Be brave little man!

    Hey Em, it was super cool meeting you yesterday :)

  7. great shadow shots. I love those little Christmas boxes too. Much good luck to your little Lucas with his operation!

  8. He makes nice crisp shadows!

    Hope the operation is a success!

  9. My fav cutie Sta. Claus...

    Perfect SSS...

    Hope u have a time to drop by at my room to join my giveaways for the first advent.

    The rule is easy and no hassle. Jst jot the best motivation u have bout me & my blog.


  10. What beautiful shots. I hope all goes well for him..he is such a darling..

  11. Em: just in time i got your answer, i received my swap from australia, and didn't have to wait until dec 1ºst
    i have already posted pics in my blog
    thanks!!!!!!!! for organizing this swap, i am so happy with my presents, but most of all with all the pretty people i met
    finger crossed for Lucas!

  12. Just look at those lil' toes, what a sweet little helper Santa has, too cute!

  13. he is adorable!! I love when he's handing it back to you. My niece used to scream ' it's over!!' until someone would come and turn her favorite tape over

    good luck tomorrow.

  14. What a sweetie pie! We love his shadow too - the angle is great!

  15. Super cool shadow shots. What a wonderful helper you have.

  16. Hopefully everything goes really well for the hospital trip. :) Oooohhh.... my Christmas Ornament turned up today!!! Have blogged about it. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! I better go keep packing!!! Hope all is well. :)

  17. That is the cutest photo and the cutest shadow, would make a great photo for your chrissy cards!! Hope all goes well with the grommets,and that it makes for a happier little man. thanks for the etsy links below, always love checking them out. :0)


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