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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Colour Me Mine

Hi there,
well this morning Lucas and I headed up to Tamborine Mountain to collect our ceramic pieces of art we painted at the Colour Me Mine studio a few weeks ago.

creamer & sugar pot set with hand & finger prints for Nette's birthday

I can't share all the things we made with you, because I know some of the receivers lurk around here (yes that could be you!!)

Ant Platter, Napkin Rings, Ladybug box, fingerprint flower & bee boxes & Frog Box

What a great way to make something special for your loved ones for Christmas.
xx Em


  1. What a great idea! I just found out that they have outlets in Sydney too. Hmm.. and now to find time to go :)

  2. Hey Em, these are too cute - I used to love doing that stuff with the girls and the relos go wild over it - such a lovely long-lasting memory xx Lee

  3. So seriously cute! What a wonderful idea for presents! :)

  4. They're really lovely! They'll love these gifts!!

  5. There will be some lucky recipients over Christmas - they are so cute!

  6. Hey EM!
    that's a cuties, spec the sugar & cream jars.

    U might get my order, eh? Or am I the lucky lurk of all the lurkers?


  7. Super cute!

    I lurk around here but thought I'd pop in and say hi this time. Hi!

    So, does my honesty justify a cute gift now? ;D


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