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Monday, November 17, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday #16

Hi All
Well sorry I am a bit late with my shadow shot this week, but as many locals would know we had HUGE storms yesterday and with our new computer not even being a week old I was too scared to plug it into the power in case it got fried :(

Anyway, here is my shadow shot for the week, I got it from my archives. It is actually from the wedding that we went to a few months ago and Em and I noticed how cool the balloon looked floating in the water creating a green shadow
Enjoy, Bel x
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  1. em!
    just to let you know my present is already travelling :D
    another thing: i can't log in to flickr to the swap account, would you please send me the link one more time?
    big kisses, vivi

  2. what a lovely shot!reminds me of icy lime cordial on a hot day!

  3. Not only have you captured the shadow but the colour is reflected. Pretty amazing and 'arty'

  4. Bel, I love this shot!! So summery, and green is my favourite :)


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