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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anouk's Princess Party!

I recently made a Princess Belle cake for our very good friends little girl, Anouk who was turning 4! It was so much fun to make this cake and the look on the birthday girls face was all I needed to say thanks (actually I was also pretty excited to hear another little girl, also 4 ask her mum where was the cake? so I thought I had done my job well) I topped off the cake with some chocolate cupcakes with little daisy toppers in red and pink and finished with some shimmer powder which suited the party theme beautifully.

Anouk made a very cute 4 year old and was super cute in her beautiful Musketeer dress (with rip off cape) that her mum Kate lovingly made for her (it really was amazing, with the actual insignia from the movie and all!)

The party decorations looked lovely and the cute tissue pom poms hanging from the frangipanni tree added a beautiful touch to the look.

and the food looked amazing too. Fairy bread (of course) little gingerbread biscuits, sandwiches and chocolate and freckle covered strawberries (which the Nana's were a bit horrified over ;)

Even my little dinosaur and Spider man had a great day, along with Anouks super cute little brother Oscar!

Can't wait to see what Anouk wants for her 5th birthday

Bel x

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