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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Change of Plans...

Well I know I am always saying how busy things are, but really it has been an insanely busy couple of weeks and yesterday was planned to be another jam packed day, with Kindy drop off, Meetings and the like. But after Sax had a fall yesterday and got a bump on his head (He's fine now) all that went out the window, so instead we had a lovely day getting back in our Pj's, snuggling on the lounge reading books and even managing a Nana nap. Then to make the day even better, Brad came home early to catch up on some paperwork from home, but it was nice to just have his presence around while we lounged.

I even managed to whip up a loaf of Banana bread with Choc chips and cups of tea for afternoon tea.Bliss!

Bel x

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