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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get out your diaries...

The BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets are just around the corner, so if you are a Brisbane local make sure you pop down to King George Square and help us support BrisStyle!

I will only be having a stall for Enticing Icing for this market and yep I will have everyone's favorite Cupcakes, Chocolate Crackles and more (rumor even has it I may even have some famous Russian Caramel ;) I will be sharing with the lovely Daneve from ChiCuff so you wont be able to miss us (just keep an eye out for the pink lanterns)
If you are able to make it, please stop by and say Hi!

Bel x
I couldn't decide which picture I liked best so I had to add them both ;) I am loving our new BrisStyle look designed by the very talented Julia of AcreatureStrange


  1. Hoping to venture in for some more of your delicious cakes and some caramel.. yum! Good luck with all of the prep.
    PS. There is a little present waiting for you over at my blog, enjoy;)

  2. Thanks Kathy

    I will hopefully get time to keep it going soon

    Bel x


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