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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Shadow Shot #43

Well I got up a little bit early this morning just to enjoy some peace and quiet, to listen to the noises of my boys sleeping and actually enjoy a cup of tea while it was still hot without a baby in my arms and a little man trying to see whats in my cup. But as always happens I turned on my computer and got side tracked... The 2 year is now awake and has gone in to wake up his dad but I am still going to attempt to get this post finished before the baby starts stirring to the morning noises ;)

This week our shadow shot is of our 2 oldest boys playing in the park, Em and I had a really lovely time this week taking the boys to a new park and letting them explore. Even though we still didn't really get a chance to have a proper chat (our husbands can't understand why even if we see each other during the day we can still spend an hour on the phone in the afternoon) between chasing little boys, explaining proper playground ettiquette, handing out snacks and settling the little ones it was still great watching the older boys interact and play nice (most of the time). To see more amazing shadows or the join in the fun go to HeyHarriets Blog!
I also had to share this one, they had such a great time...
Not forgetting the little ones, they too got to 'catch up' a few weeks ago. This isn't the best of pics but I promise we will take some more while they are still little and this time I will remember to take Xav out of his wrap (it's hard to believe Xavier is 8 weeks old already!)
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Take care and hope you are all having a lovely weekend, we are off to the bowling alley today (should provide some interesting entertainment)
Bel x


  1. G´day downunder! AM loving your shots specially the 2 lil one's. I adore kids and how I wish I could have one but I just had an hysterectomy 3 months ago.

    Happy ---SSS---

  2. awwwww....the baby is growing up!! looks as if the boys had fun on their trip to the park - love their grins!! have fun bowling!

  3. Playing in the park—
    two wee lads, giant shadows,
    and a trilling lark.

    My Shadow Shots

  4. very, very cute!!

  5. Oh what beautiful photos of your lovely boys. Can't believe how fast they are growing. Where on earth does the time go?!!!!


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