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Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome to the world of Blogging !!

Hi to all our friends and family,

As you know Belinda & I have started our own "crafty" enterprise called EmBelISH www.embelishhairclips.etsy.com we make all sorts of lovely things including, felt hairclips, vintage button brooches & earrings, soft toys... and anything else we think up along the way.

We have recently joined the group Brisstyle http://www.brisstyle.blogspot.com/ and are inspired by the talents of so many artists. We have decided to TRY and Blog, just to keep you up to date on happenings. So this is the place to come to see projects on the go and to hear about our lives.

Hope you are all well and thanks for keeping up to date with our movements.

Em & Bel


  1. Hi Girls

    Congratulations on your blog - love the monkey fingers!

  2. Hi guys, wow things are really getting serious now! I'm impressed!

  3. Congrats on jumping into blogosphere! Have fun with it! Looks good! Those monkeys are cuties :)

  4. Hi Em and Bel
    Missed you last Saturday at Grovely - it was a good day.
    Congrats on your blog - your monkeys are great and I'm looking forward to your blogging :)

  5. Yay!! Welcome to Blogworld :)
    It was so nice to meet you today Bel, and to see all your (and Em's) beautiful creations in person!!

  6. Wow those monkey's ARE great. I'm such a sucker for 'cute' so I know I'm going to love keeping up with your blog. Em and Bel can't wait to see your Hairclip Holder (wrap) adorn your pages - it's a winner!
    Congratulations on becoming Bloggers.

  7. Hello,

    I love this bright and fabulous blog design. I hope you enjoy the fun of a captive audience.


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